Belbin and TRiNGiNE

Each person in the workplace displays a certain behaviour, thus making contributions to the team effort that are uniquely theirs. With the Belbin Team Role Model and the TRiNGiNE online management support system behavioural profiles can be determined. Read more

Accreditation Courses

Belbin Accreditation Courses and other education and training gives you the possibility to become a real Belbin practitioner. In practice it is not enough to only have an appreciation of the Belbin Model. Additional training and education helps you use the model effectively. Read more

The Team Experience

team and i offers you the possibility to improve the team cooperation and team communication of your teams. In a single day teams and their members will become knowledgable on the leading team theories and methods as well as get a chance to apply this knowledge in practice through some demanding team excercises. Read more

6 Team Conditions

6 Team Conditions has been developed and verified by Hardvard scientisits over the last 50 years. Through the TDS survey and coaching It offers a very comprehensive systematic approach for diagnosing and improving teams. Read more

Virtual Teams

Virtual Teams or Remote Teams have been around for a long time in some industries. But ever since the CoviD-19 pandemic they have become mainstream. The unique team and i approach helps you to benefit from the advantages and to eliminate or handle the disadvantages of virtual teamwork Read more

Burnout Prevention

Scientific research shows that the causes of burnout are varied. When the employee (feels he/she) is in the wrong job, or cannot get along with his/her colleagues or manager, the Burnout Prevention methods of team and i can be used successfully.  Read more

Personal Preferences

In addition to displaying certain behaviour in the here and now, a person in the workplace also has preferences with which activities and in which environment they would like to be ideally engaged. With TRiNGiNE it is possible to determine for a person the preferred job and preferred environment. Read more

Job Matching

Just like a person, a job can be described with a behavioural profile, which basically indicates which personal profile will be most effective in the job. It shows both wanted and unwanted behaviour. team and i provides the opportunity to define Jobs and match jobs using the TRiNGiNE platform. Read more