Job Matching

Just like a person, a job can be described with a behavioural profile, which basically indicates which personal profile will be most effective in the job. It shows both wanted and unwanted behaviour. team and i provides the opportunity to define Jobs and match jobs using the TRiNGiNE platform. In Job Matching the following profiles are matched:
  • The Self Perception profile and the Observer profile (the person's profile based on observer assessments) with the Job profile
  • The Job Preferences with the Job profile
  • The Organisational Preferences with the Organisation Profile
The result is an overall behavioural assessment of the person's suitability for a job, taking into account not only current behaviour, but also the person's preferences.
Job Matching can be used in many situations. A few examples:
  • recruitment - comparing candidates for a job that needs to be filled
  • career planning - looking what next jobs are available for a person.
  • downsizing - determining who are the most important people to retain while downsizing an organisation
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