Personal Preferences

In addition to displaying certain behaviour in the here and now, a person in the workplace also has preferences with which activities and in which environment they would like to be ideally engaged. With TRiNGiNE it is possible to determine for a person the preferred job and preferred environment. For this the person is asked to do two additional tests, in addition to the Selfperception test (with preferrably also the Observer Assessments):
  • Job Preferences test - Here the person is asked what would be the ideal job for him/her. The results of this test produce a Job Preferences profile that show what roles the candidate would need to possess to sucessfully fill in this dream job. The results are also matched both with the person's Self Perception Profile and the Observer Profile (the profile resulting from the Observer Assessments). From this management and HR could establish a career path can be established together
  • Organisation Preferences test - Here the person is asked in what type of organisation he/she would ideally like to work. Note that in larger organisations different sub cultures exists in different deparments. So again, this gives management and HR the opportunity to match this with possibilities in the organisation and the person's career possibilities.

The Personal Preferences can also be used in the process of Job Matching. If you would like more information about Personal Preference tests please contact us