6 Team Conditions

The Team Diagnostic Survey (TDS) is a well-validated instrument designed to diagnose the strengths and weaknesses of teams. Drs. Ruth Wageman, Richard Hackman, and Erin Lehman at Harvard developed this assessment based on their research about the major conditions that foster team effectiveness. The TDS produces a thorough report showing scores on the 6 Team Conditions, 3 Key Task Processes that emerge from those conditions, and 3 outcome measures of Team Effectiveness (see example report). Some more information you can find here

6 Team Conditions Case Study

Below you see the before and after TDS diagrams for the Biotechnology Cross Functional Management Team that had to address stagnation of sales. Initially all team members were asked to answer the Team Diagnostic Survey. This resulted in the first diagram
The diagram above shows that the team could benefit from some significant forus on its structural design across its 6 team conditions - the three essential and three enabling conditions. Measures were taken to address this.
The diagram above shows the results after 6 months. Significant imporvements has been achieved by focussing on the structure problems in the Right people, Real team, Compelling purpose and essentials.
The complete case can be found here
For further reading: Life and Work in Symphony Orchestras: An Interview with J. Richard Hackman by Paul R. Judy. - The following article in the Harvard Business Review (Russian) contains excerpts from the original article