Team Experience

team and i offers you the possibility to improve the cooperation, communication and effectiveness of your teams. In a single day teams and their members will become knowledgable on the leading team theories and methods as well as get a chance to apply this knowledge in practice, through some demanding team excercises. The two models that will be used as the basis of this day are :. These two models are wonderfully complementary to each other and when applied together provide a complete solution for improving teams. In preparation of the team experience day all team members will receive a number of questionnaires by email, which need to be completed beforehand. These queationnaires are :
  • The Team Diagnostic Survey
  • The Self Perception Questionnaire
  • Per team member a Observer Assessment Questionaire
These questionnaires will result in a number of reports that will be used both as a starting point and background information during the day. Of course the information and excercises provided during the day are just an appreciation of both methods, that should be sufficent for the particpating team members. People who want to specialise further should tale a look at our training and accreditation courses. If you would like more information about the Team Ecxperience Day please contact us