Terms of Use

Your relationship with proDialoX GmbH
proDialoX GmbH offers its customers its internet-based online service. team and i is a trademark of proDialoX GmbH and can be found on https://www.prodialox.com and related URLs. As soon as you have registered on https://www.prodialox.com, you can carry out team and i tests yourself and create team and i matches and generate team and i reports. The following conditions regulate the use of the services provided by proDialoX GmbH:
Zollhof 8, 40221 Düsseldorf, Germany


Before using these services, you should read these terms of use carefully. The use of the services of proDialoX GmbH requires that you have agreed to these terms of use, including the data protection provisions applicable to them. Additional terms of use are indicated at a given point and apply in connection with these terms of use. Your agreement with these additional terms of use will be asked of you at the appropriate places. This applies, for example, to paid services or services performed by third parties. The following conditions regulate the use of proDialoX GmbH services by the account holder. These come into effect as soon as you have registered and can be viewed at any time under the links "terms of use" / "data protection".


The privacy policy is part of the terms of use. These terms of use apply exclusively. General terms and conditions of the account holder are not valid for our services. Counter-confirmations by the customer with reference to their terms and conditions are hereby rejected. Any changes and agreements must be in writing (e.g. by email).

Your team and i account
To use our services you need a team and i account. To register for this, you need a user name, a password and your own valid email address. If you want to use a service, it is important that you provide proDialoX GmbH with correct and complete information so that we can contact you by email in individual cases. The services can also be used under a pseudonym (account name).


You are responsible for the proper use of your team and i account yourself and should ensure the confidentiality of your password. If you notice an unauthorized use of your password or your account, you are obliged to proDialoX GmbH to communicate this by email to privacy@tringine.com. With regard to the execution of tests, the creation of matches and the publication of reports, you as the account holder are obliged to adhere to the legal provisions.

Scope of services
proDialoX GmbH provides its service over the Internet as a self-service service. This includes sending invitation and reminder emails as well as tools for analyzing and processing the results.


The detailed scope of services results from the modules selected by the account holder as they are specified in the price list with the functions and tariffs at the time they are used. proDialoX GmbH is entitled to change the scope of the offered functionality of the service at any time at its own discretion. These changes do not constitute grounds for cancellation or reimbursement. proDialoX GmbH endeavors to inform the account holder of any significant changes on its approval page or via email.

In principle, payment takes place in advance. Using the form "Request for payment via invoice" subsequent payment can also be set up after a payment agreement has been signed and accepted. proDialoX GmbH reserves the right to refuse subsequent payment at its own discretion without stating reasons. Subsequent payment is accepted when the completed and sent form "Payment agreement for payment via invoice" is returned signed and confirmed by proDialoX GmbH. In principle, unused licenses or credits are not refunded.

Validity period, prices, tariffs
These terms of use apply from the moment of registration. All costs related to the purchase of licenses and credits will be charged in advance, unless an agreement for subsequent payment has been made. The billing period for subsequent payment is one month. At the end of this, an extension will automatically take place again for another month as long as the account exists and the agreement for subsequent payment has not been terminated. The settlement takes place monthly on the same day, calculated from the day of the payment agreement.


The licenses or credit acquired by prepayment are linked to an account and their validity is not limited. As long as the account exists, they are available to the account holder for the execution of tests, matches and reporting.


proDialoX GmbH reserves the right to change prices at any time at its own discretion. Licenses and credits already paid in advance remain unaffected. Remuneration to the account holder is also excluded if licenses or credit are not used significantly.

With the first purchase of licenses or credit, the account holder has the right to revoke unused licenses or credit within two weeks of purchase without further notice. This two-week period begins with the confirmation of receipt of payment. Timely dispatch in text form (e-mail, letter, etc.) is sufficient to meet the deadline, whereby the account holder bears the burden of proof for the receipt of this declaration of revocation.
If the account holder has already used licenses or credit, his right of withdrawal expires. In the event of cancellation, proDialoX GmbH will refund payments already made without any deductions. Services used, including any consumption costs, will not be returned.

Obligations of the account holder
The account holder is obliged to use the proDialoX GmbH services only in accordance with these terms and conditions. The account holder must ensure that his account is only accessible to him and - in the case of legal persons and public institutions - employees who are required to carry it out. In particular, he must protect his access data and personal password from third-party access. The customer is liable for all damage by third parties that has arisen as a result of the access and use by authorized or unauthorized use of the services of proDialoX GmbH .


proDialoX GmbH is responsible for the content of the content published by the account holder or parts thereof. The account holder is obliged to comply with the laws in force in his own country and worldwide to protect children and young people, as well as authors and to protect against terrorism and violence, and is obliged to not publish any content that may cause public offense or offends good manners. In particular, he does not create sexually offensive, racist, radical or inhuman content. In this respect proDialoX GmbH assumes no responsibility, neither for the content of the surveys and the answers of the respondents, nor for the manner in which the account holder uses the test results.


The account holder is responsible for compliance with the regulations applicable in their own country for electronic business transactions.
The website and services may not be used for the purpose of advertising or other unsolicited contact without the consent of the recipient (eg: "spamming"). The account holder is obliged to comply with the data protection regulations and to ensure that


  • the participants are sufficiently well informed about the purpose of the survey;
  • completing questionnaires or answering the tests is at the discretion of the participants and is not associated with disadvantages for them;
  • personal data of the participants will not be passed on to third parties or exposed to third party access;
  • personal data of the participants is no longer stored as required and is only used for the purpose pursued by the test or matching;
  • other rights to protect the personality of the participants are respected.

The account holder is liable for all consequences and disadvantages that proDialoX GmbH or third parties experience as a result of the improper or unlawful use of the services or that the account holder violates its obligations. This includes, in particular, the obligation to keep proDialoX GmbH free from indemnity claims or claims for reimbursement of expenses by third parties and from all costs of legal proceedings (court and lawyer's fees). Other rights of proDialoX GmbH remain unaffected, in particular the right to extraordinary termination of the contract and to compensation for any further damage.


If there is sufficient suspicion that the account holder has breached his obligations, proDialoX GmbH is entitled to block the account holder's access, even temporarily, until the suspicion is invalidated. ProDialoX will immediately notify the account holder of such a block, stating the reasons, and give the the account holder the opportunity to comment.
When the services are used by third parties, the account holder ensures that they use the service responsibly in accordance with these operations.


The account holder is liable for all damages incurred by authorized or unauthorized use by third parties within the scope of the access and use-options made available to him by proDialoX GmbH.
The account holder undertakes immediate action to notify proDialoX GmbH of any identifiable material defects or damage in connection with the service (errors) and to take all measures which enable the errors and their causes to be identified or which facilitate or accelerate the elimination of the errors.
If the account holder violates his obligations, proDialoX GmbH has the right to block the account holder's account at his expense. In the event of incorrect information when registering or improper use of the service, proDialoX GmbH reserves the right to delete the account and all of its data immediately.

The services of proDialoX GmbH are always offered without interruption. However, due to technical reasons, contiuous availability cannot be guaranteed. Likewise, it cannot be guaranteed that the services are free from technical defects, malfunctions or restrictions at all times. Business interruptions for preventive maintenance work are announced beforehand if possible. proDialoX GmbH will eliminate faults in its technical facilities as quickly as possible within the scope of the existing technical and operational possibilities.


Service delays due to force majeure or due to events which make proDialoX GmbH's services considerably more difficult or impossible (in particular strikes, official orders, the failure of communication networks of other operators or the subcontractors of proDialoX GmbH or their subcontractors) do not apply to proDialoX GmbH even with binding deadlines agreements. The performance obligations of proDialoX GmbH are suspended until such an obstacle is removed.




Liability for content
The contents of our pages were created with great care. However, we cannot guarantee that the content is correct, complete and up to date. As a service provider, we are responsible for our own content on these pages in accordance with general laws. However, as a service provider, we are not obliged to monitor third-party information that is transmitted or stored, or to research circumstances that indicate illegal activity. Obligations to remove or block the use of information according to general laws remain unaffected. However, liability in this regard is only possible from the time we become aware of a specific legal violation. As soon as we become aware of such violations, we will remove this content immediately.

Liability for links
Our websites contain links to external third-party websites, the content of which we have no influence over. For this reason, we cannot accept any liability for this external content. The respective provider or operator is always responsible for the content of the linked pages. The linked pages were checked for possible legal violations at the time the link was created. No illegal content was discernible at the time the link was created. A permanent control of the content of the linked pages is not reasonable without concrete evidence of an infringement. As soon as we become aware of legal violations, we will remove such links immediately.

The content and works on these pages created by proDialoX GmbH are subject to German copyright law. The duplication, processing, distribution and any kind of use beyond the limits of copyright law require the written consent of the respective author or creator. Downloads and copies of this page are only permitted for private, non-commercial use. As far as the content on this page was not created by the operator, the copyrights of third parties are respected. In particular contents of third parties are marked as such. Should you nevertheless become aware of a copyright infringement, please let us know. As soon as we become aware of legal violations, we will remove such content immediately.

The account can be terminated extraordinarily with immediate effect by the account holder or proDialoX GmbH if there is an important reason for this. An important reason for termination by proDialoX GmbH is particularly given if the account holder violates his obligations.
Any termination requires written notification to proDialoX GmbH to be effective. (info@prodialox.com)


After closing the account, the authorization to use the proDialoX GmbH services ends immediately; After closing the account, proDialoX GmbH has the right to delete all data transmitted and stored by the account owner on the proDialoX GmbH servers, including all user data, surveys and survey and test results assigned to the account, without reservation.
proDialoX GmbH has the right to discontinue services at any time without notice or to change the scope of services.

If one of the provisions of these conditions of use is ineffective, the validity of the others remains. The ineffective provision will be replaced in such a way that the new provision comes closest economically and legally to the one pursued by the ineffective meaning.

Place of jurisdiction
German law applies to all parties involved for these conditions of use and the agreements based on them. Place of performance and jurisdiction is the seat of proDialoX GmbH, Zollhof 8, 40221 Düsseldorf, Germany